I’m a graphics engineer based in San Francisco Bay Area. My current work ranges from researching modern rendering techniques to look development, and my favorite topic in graphics is lighting and global illumination.

Graduated with a computer science degree, I worked as a full stack engineer in a startup before I fully devoted to iOS development. During those times I found myself really interested in developing innovative solutions to software problems, yet I got frustrated by the routine, KPI driven development process. Derived from my persistent enthusiasm in building appealing tangible interfaces, my interests have shifted to computer graphics and visual computing.

In the early years of my career, I got credit for pixel perfectionism, aka having “pixel eyes”. Though I’m eventually losing it due to the increase of screen DPI, I cherish it all the time as my personality. I’m also the guy who constantly cleans up the codebase.

In my spare time I play the drums and guitars, travel with 135 rangefinder cameras, read Japanese literature, cook with my family’s recipe, go to bars and gyms, occasionally spend some $$$ on flight simulators.

Unfornunately I don’t have any social media except Github. You can email me at phil@philguo.com.